3 Steps Accounting Firms can Communicate Better with their Clients

Download the FREE strategy guide that teaches you 3 ways to work more efficiently and communicate better with your clients. 

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Hi, I'm Alain

“ I'm the founder of Textodog.

With group text messaging, you can better communicate with clients and include everyone that should be part of the conversation."


Founder, Textodog 

This completely FREE guide includes:

A 9-slide PDF guide that outlines the THREE steps to communicate better with your clients.

A 3-page strategy guide that you can start implementing immediately with an example use case.

How to communicate better with leads and clients.


A FREE 15-minute consultation with me on how you can add automation and group texting throughout the customer lifecycle journey.

3 steps to close more deals with group text messaging

Textodog is a group text messaging platform that allows you to close more deals by including all decision makers in the same group conversation.

Download the guide and start communicating better with your clients.

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